Vuaria, Taormina and Roano are the names of the vineyards situated on Disisa Estate. They are incomparable wines, exceptional products of that territory whose intense sensations transmit the warmth, the charm, the magic of the Sicilian land. Terra delle Fate is the name of the vineyard situated on Disisa Estate and Daliah is the ancient arabic name of the vine. Wines for special moment that with their fruity and intense bouquets transmit the caracteristic scents of the sicilian land.


The names of two stars – Adhara and Chara – for two delightful wines of great energy and creativity, strength and intensity ideal for an involving emotional experience. Their special unmatched bouquets and taste will transmit unforgettable sensations which will take us on a visit to the land which produced them.


The Feudo Disisa single grape variety wines are true expression of a new style and of the genuine quality of the Sicilian land. New, fresh and lively wines, Nero d’Avola and Grillo Feudo Disisa are ideal for everyday use without ever giving up quality.


Krysos is the name of the old village near Disisa Estate. The “Grillo” lately picked produces a sweet wine rich in mediterranean aromas.