Disisa Estate is situated in Sicily, in the territory of Monreale (a province of Palermo),at about 400-500 mt above the sea level. The business centre, the dominant part of the estate, is near an old Saracen tower , restored by the Di Lorenzo family. From this tower the Saracens controlled, as it is still possible today, the whole territory of the Jato and the Belice which extends from the mountains of the province of Corleone to the Gulf of Castellammare. The Estate extends for 400 hectares and is situated in the area of Alcamo Doc and Monreale Doc as regards the wine industry production; as regards the olive oil production it is in the territory of “Val di Mazzara” Dop. Since 1970 the Di Lorenzo’s, with the cooperation of the Istituto Regionale della Vite e del Vino, have carried out a large- scale experimentation to test the adaptability of the most important national and international grape varieties to the Sicilian soil and climate.
To grow Chardonnay or Muller Thurgau in Sicily was not an easy job, but it was a stimulating challenge carried out with pioneering spirit which has had extraordinary results. Disisa can boast the first and oldest vineyard of Chardonnay grapes in Sicily. In the Disisa Estate, the Chardonnay, thanks to the generosity of the soil, to the climate , to the intensity of the sun and the dedication and passion of the family, has acquired, year after year, new special shades in colour, unique bouquets which make it an excellent, unique wine.