The Di Lorenzo family, of English origins, was  brought to Sicily by King Ruggiero da Silvestre Di Lorenzo’s, during his  kingdom when he was also Vicker of Antona in the Duchy of Nottuberland,
and settled in the Val di Noto territory.
At the end of the 1600’s, a part of the family moved to Gibellina.  In 1803 Nicola Di Lorenzo obtained the title of Marquis of Castelluccio, through concession of King Ferdinand IV.
The Archpriest Santi Di Lorenzo who had a passion for agriculture acquired the ex Feudo Disisa estate following the proclamation of the Kingdom of Italy in 1865 and left it to
his nephew Nicolò Di Lorenzo, already mayor of Gibellina and Parliamentary in the Kingdom of Italy for two legislatures from 1904 to 1909.
The honorable Nicolò Di Lorenzo had married Anna Emanuele of Villabianca, nephew of the famous history and Sicilian culture scholar  whom he described fully in detail for his numerous works.
The family, now in its fifth generation has always managed directly all  estate activities with Innovative and avant-garde ideas and decisions, always maintaining respect for the traditions and the territory.
Today the company is presided by Renato Di Lorenzo with the support of his wife Maria Paola, son Mario and daughter Laura,  all personally involved in the company activities and commercial developments.